Friday, April 29, 2011

Time for me to fly

I am currently up in the air flying to the city of angels, Los Angeles,, the city of angels:)  Just taking a moment to be grateful for this ability to be online while in the air, it truly is amazing this gift of the internet.    I am also reminded of how small I am...just a person in this craft, looking down at the state of Oregon.    The balance,  the beauty of being able to be part of experience. 

Some of the yoga poses remind me of flying...this ability to stand on one leg and allow myself  to move into the present moment.  Recently I was in Spokane listening to Sting's yoga teacher Ganga White and he spoke about how even when we stand it requires balance, and balance is not something to be mastered, but more to be explored.  Just staying open to it, remaining curious with whatever shape you are in....
Balance is a gift...a teacher...another opportunity to learn how to let go and fly.

"Now I make you laugh, and you make me cry...I believe it's time for me to fly.."  Reo Speedwagon