Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all...
I have friends who have different opinions about Christmas and I honor them all.  I may not agree with them all, but I honor them all.  One opinion, from a friend who is not from the United States, she finds living in Ellensburg that Christmas seems to be a commercial holiday.  Another friend, from my hometown in Raymond wants to put the Christ back in Christmas and has strong opinion about the word xmas.  I see all the Christmas photos of kids in Christmas plays on facebook, and Christmas trees....smiles...
So, what is my opinion...and how does yoga fit into this day...well, Christmas to me about family and I will be heading down to a simple, tiny Lutheran Church in Rochester, WA to share a service tonight with my family.  In honor of Jesus Christ, who was a hippie in my opinion, and chose to hang out with the sinners...and had a lot of respect for women as he chose to demonstrate to Jewish men that women had more worth than a second hand the jewish men at that time didn't have a clue how to respect women.  So, I believe he was brought here to love, and be loved...he had the same kind of needs we all do.

So, how does yoga fit into all of this?  The word Yoga means "to yoke"  to unite.  It is a tool to bring everything honor all people in all walks of life, with all beliefs, during this sweet..and tender holiday.  Because Jesus did not come here to judge the world...but to save it.  (That is a quote from Jesus...)

And, I need to mention my one other friend..because she has been working down at the soup kitchen in Ellensburg...this is a new soup kitchen that serves those who need a hot meal dinner 4 x a week.  Anyway, Shiela, is down there giving people coats and serving her fantastic food that nourishes and gives strength to every cell every organ in the place.  Thank you Shiela, for being a light in the world...and to all others who are not interested in judging the world..but saving it.

Jai Bhagwan (I honor the truth that resides in all of us)